Prescription Information – for residents of the U.S. and its territories


To place an order for your prescription device:
  1. Download and complete prescription form below.
  2. Have your health care provider sign your prescription.
  3. Include your prescription at the time of purchase by email to
Please note, you have the option to use an "E Signature or Digital Signature"
  • Simply download the prescription form to your desktop computer.  
  • Type directly into the document, and click on "Sign" at the top of the document.  
  • Save your signed document and return it via email. 

Self Care Devices:



Professional Devices:

Pro-Sport ULTRA

Pro-Sport III

Although the professional devices are designed for use within a doctor's office, the physician can prescribe the device for home use.  If your physician writes a prescription for a professional device, it will require training for proper use, and in most cases, a very specific protocol for use will be written.  For more information on this, please contact us with questions.


Under some circumstances, medical devices may be covered by insurance. 

NextGenTENS does not file insurance claims.  You will need to submit to your insurance company directly.

If you find that your insurance company will not cover the cost of the device, please know that we value your business and we value your health, and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about other options.  For more information, please contact Larry Bobo: