Skin Rejuvenation


At any age, we all want to enjoy life looking and feeling our best.

For many, looking young has become an obsession using drastic procedures like Botox, filler injections and plastic surgery.These procedures 
can be invasive, expensive and dangerous. Plus, the procedures have to be maintained to keep the results. This means more procedures, more expense and more risk. Having procedure upon procedure can have adverse effects and could permanently alter your appearance. Instead of maintaining a younger, natural look, you could end up with exaggerated, plastic and unnatural features.
Now there is a better way to Look Younger Naturally with the ezzi-lift™ by Avazzia.

What is the ezzi-lift™ system?
The ezzi-lift™ is a remarkable electro-stimulation device used for therapeutic massage to the face and neck to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The ezzi-lift™ massage therapy rejuvenates the face naturally by gently stimulating the skins own production of collagen and elastin. Convenient at-home treatments are non-invasive and improvement is noticeable after the very first treatment. 


The ezzi-lift with Photodynamics™ encorporates LED technology. The LEDs, together with the biofeedback electro stimulation technology, provides advanced skin rejuvenation of collagen, elastin, as well as ache and scar tissue reduction.  Research has indicated that various light wavelengths can support and enhance many cellular processes in the body. For example, NASA research has found that red light, such as the red light from red LEDs can encourage healthy blood circulation. The ezzi-lift with Photodynamics™ provides green, yellow, orange, and red LED light.

Expected Results

• Appearance of smoother, tighter skin
• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• May be applied to scar tissue
• Creates an overall feeling of relaxation throughout the body
• Immediate noticeable improvement
• Results last 7-10 days depending on technique applied
• Results are accumulative
• No down time ---Does not cause redness or puffiness

With the ezzi-lift™ system, you can have smoother, tighter and fuller skin without the worry and ongoing expense of Botox, filler injections or surgery. Now you can look younger naturally.