BEST Technology in your practice

BEST Technology in your Practice

Healthcare practitioners use Avazzia BEST devices in their practice with their patients and to treat their own pain because:

  • BEST devices provide non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive ongoing pain relief that can last for hours and longer.
  • These products are FDA-cleared for the symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain and adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain (available by prescription only).
  • Use of Avazzia BEST products have been shown in surveys to reduce the need for pharmaceutical pain relievers and improve patients’ ability to take part in daily activities.
  • TENS devices, including the Avazzia BEST line of products, have been shown to have no ongoing or significant side effects. (1)
  • The single cost of an Avazzia device avoids the ongoing cost of prescription or OTC pain drugs. (2)
  • Prescribing an Avazzia BEST device puts patients in control of their pain treatment.
  • Avazzia provides in-person and online training for owners of BEST devices. Go to the Avazzia Training website to see simple training videos. Advanced training videos for staff and/or patients may be viewed 24/7 with a membership upgrade.
  • Post-surgical pain management may improve physical therapy outcomes.
  • Avazzia’s BEST products, with proprietary software and patented microchip processors, are superior to other TENS products on the market.
  • Avazzia products are engineered, manufactured, shipped and serviced at corporate headquarters in Dallas, TX.
  • Avazzia cares about customer service. Fill out the Contact Us form for quick communication with MBS Wellness staff.