Practitioners Who Use Avazzia BEST

Healthcare Professionals
Healthcare professionals are incorporating BEST technology in their practices.
Physicians (neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, naturopaths)
• Pain associated with neuropathy from diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions
• Pain connected to carpel tunnel syndrome, back pain and chronic or acute pain related to repetitive stress injuries
• Pain associated with injuries, including pain after surgery, orthopedic-related injuries, scar tissue build-up, phantom pain and
• “weekend warrior” strain         
• Dental pain connected with tooth extractions and dental procedures (used outside the mouth along jaw line)
• Relaxation of the neck, head and shoulders connected with chronic pain of the mouth and jaw
• Manage their own profession – related pain of hand, neck and back
Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers 
• Manage pain associated with acute injuries
• Manage pain connected with rehab in order to improve rehab outcomes
• Mitigate pain in order to get athletes back into play faster
Massage Therapists and Acupuncturists
• Use in conjunction with acupuncture to analyze and stimulate meridian energy flow  
• To improve the results of massage therapy

Animal Health
Veterinarians and animal owners are using non-pharmaceutical,  non-invasive  BEST-Vet and BEST-Vet PRO designed for pain relief, wound healing and increased range of motion.
• Improves range of motion
• Increases perfusion for better blood circulation and improved lymphatic drainage
• Used on animals in place of or in addition to therapeutic massage to reduce stress and improve performance
John Bond, DDS, Endodonist – Fort Worth
I had a severe fall in 1988 that crushed my left elbow, broke my wrist and did other damage. Even after the bones healed, the pain got worse. I was basically living on aspirin and ice packs. It was getting more and more difficult to continue my practice because it was increasingly painful to grip dental instruments. A patient told me about SCENAR technology and I did some research. I found an American company – Avazzia – that uses more-sophisticated technology in its devices than SCENAR. And Avazzia products are made in the U.S.
I bought a device, opened the manual and started treating myself. Two weeks later, the pain was mostly gone. After 23 years of pain, it’s unbelievable that the pain is gone. I now use this with dental patients who have atypical facial pain. The stories they share of pain relief are incredible. See Dental.

Darcy Brunk, Chiropractor and Certified Trainer
Achieve Chiropractic and Sports Wellness – Garland, TX
I’m always on the look-out for the “next thing” to provide the best care for my patients. One of my patients suggested I meet Tim Smith, the founder of Avazzia. We met and he gave me a BEST-RSI to try out on myself. Like most chiropractors and doctors, I’m a skeptic. But at that time, I suffered from plantar fasciitis so badly that I could barely walk across the floor. I treated my foot while watching a football game. By half-time, I had no pain. I even slammed my foot on the floor to try to provoke a pain response. Nothing. The Avazzia treatment completely relieved the plantar fasciitis and it hasn’t come back.
I treat a lot of athletes and we need to get them to return to play as quickly as possible. They need a way to deal with the pain immediately. Avazzia treatment does that.
I’ve become a certified Avazzia trainer. It’s very easy to teach people how to use this device – the training really helps them get the most out of what Avazzia has to offer. For any doctors or chiropractors, this can expand your practice and be the neuro-stim devices you can use to help athletes get back into the game.

Tom Coplin, Physical Therapist – Baton Rouge, LA
Today, we had a female rugby player, a new patient from LSU, who suffered a neck injury last November. She started with a pain rating of 8/10 and severely limited range of motion. We treated her with (cold) laser and Avazzia BEST-RSI. The laser reduced her pain and increased some of her motion while the Avazzia took away the spasm and the remaining pain. Her pain was 0/10 when finished with treatment and had significantly increased cervical range of motion.

Tod Ramsey, RMT – Cleburne, TX
As I look back, 2009 was a bad year for a lot of people, but it was looking like it would be disastrous for me. I have done massage therapy for years and thoroughly love what I do. I had (still do) a very good clientele and was very busy. The problem was my thumbs – both of them. The pain had reached a point where I was becoming depressed with the realization I would soon be totally unable to continue my work. I had tried many things to get relief and was desperate.
I had nearly given up hope when a friend let me try a device that uses microcurrent, electro-stim technology. I was stunned when, in just 15 minutes, the pain in my thumbs was gone. It stayed gone, and I had regained full use and range of motion in them both.
I then purchased an Avazzia device for myself because my right shoulder started experiencing intense pain and threatened to inhibit my work. Of course my shoulder pain disappeared and once again so did another threat to my career.
I now use the device to stay in shape and eliminate any problems that crop up from time to time. In addition, I have a number of clients who like it when I use the device on them during a massage session. I have found that using the Avazzia device on clients helps make my massage therapy even more effective. That helps make things easier for me and keeps my clients coming back for more. The bottom line for me is that without the Avazzia device I would no longer be a massage therapist. It changed my life.

Carl Berthelette, Naturopathic Doctor Science of Energy – Quebec, Canada
I had a severe accident in which my left clavicle broke. After surgery, the pain was around an 8 on a scale of 10. Just four sessions of the BEST device from Avazzia was sufficient to greatly improve my scar tissue and dramatically decrease my pain. I decided to buy two devices, learned the technology, completed many courses in integrative and holistic medicine and psychology to earn my Naturopath license. I opened an office in Quebec, Canada, where I see clients and teach them how to use the technology.